#3 Large Shoulder Plane

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    #3 Large Shoulder Plane

    Tipping the scales at just over 1.8kg with a sole measuring 210 x 25.4mm, this behemoth is great for large-scale solid timber woodworking. The additional mass does provide excellent registration to the batten, corresponding joint surface or planing block, sometimes making them easier to use than a small or medium sized tools.

    The long lever extends beyond the adjuster, preventing inadvertent alterations to the blade setting in use, and the deep swoop at the front provides a nice positive rest for the thumb or forefinger. An adjustable mouth and a clever twin thread adjustment mechanism provide fine control of the blade position.

    The body is cast in unbreakable CR40, with a T10 blade and all other components cast or machined from stainless steel.

    Another refinement is that the lever is captive at low tensions, so the plane won’t disassemble itself while you are making adjustments. In short, if this isn’t the perfect cabinetmakers shoulder plane, it’s very close to it.

    #3 Shoulder Plane
    $239.00 January Sale! (inc GST)
    RRP: $269.00
    Replacement Plane Iron
    $29.90 January Sale! (inc GST)
    RRP: $34.00
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