#1 Chisel Plane

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    #1 Chisel Plane

    Luban's Number 1 Chisel Plane has style and substance for fantastic cornering and tight areas

    This plane is a real luxury for woodworkers – it is effectively just an elegant 44.5mm chisel blade with a comfortable ductile cast-iron body that provides comfortable use and extra mass for clean-up jobs like removing excess glue, trimming plug heads and removing other protrusions. But it does have serious plus sides, which is why we couldn't wait to splurge a little and get one into our workshop.

    While a lot of people dismiss number one planes, due to its small size it can fit easily into confined spaces, making it perfect for cornering. It's also a gorgeous present: the cast stainless steel body measures 114mm long with an authentic Bubinga rear knob that's beautiful to hold in your hand and it's precision-machined flat and smooth on the sole and sides.

    The blade is high-carbon (Mn65) tool-steel and is a meaty 4.3mm thick.

    Luban No 1 Chisel Plane Features and Specifications

    • Body material: Iron
    • Blade steel: 65Mn
    • Blade Thickness: 4.5mm
    • Hardness of blade: RC56-60
    • Lever cap: Stainless steel
    • Handle: Bubinga
    • Cutting edge: Honed to 25 degrees
    • Angle of blade to sole: 15 degrees
    • Weight: 486g
    • Size: 115mm L * 45mm W * 40mm H

    Why do we love these number one chisel planes?

    We love these chisel planes most for one reason - their ability to remove glue effectively and quickly from tight areas, like rebates, easily on virtually any surface. Unlike virtually all other number one planes on the market, Luban's carefully crafted Bubinga handles make them a pleasure to hold.

    The entire design is built on Stanley's No. 97 Cabinet makers edge plane, making them a phenomenally well thought out, time-tested plane from start to finish.

    #1 Chisel Plane
    $149.90 (inc GST)
    Replacement Plane Iron
    $34.90 (inc GST)

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