Whittle Waxes Oil Evolution 2K Booster 100mL

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    Whittle Waxes Oil Evolution 2K Booster 100mL TEB-30292

    Suitable for all sheen levels of Hardwax Oil. Evolution 2K Booster is a cross linker that improves the chemical and physical resistance and reduces the drying time and pot life. Solvent-free, weather-proof, low viscosity. It is intended solely for professional use. If you are unfamiliar with 2K systems please call us for advice.

    Evolution can be applied with or without the special 2K Booster.  For smaller surfaces such as furniture, the Booster isn’t necessary. It is more beneficial in cases of timber floors in cold or humid climates, as it speeds up the drying time, and makes a tighter mesh in the composition of the coating.


    Only mix so much Evolution and 2K Booster, as can be processed within the next 1 - 2 hours. (Please adhere to the mixing ratio!). Stir vigorously for at least 1 minute. If you feel uncertain in dealing with 2K systems, ask your dealer for advice.


    Commercial and high traffic applications, add the special 2K Booster to further improve the product’s durability. We supply the 2K Booster as an option as it contains minute amounts of a less environmental additive. Please read the label and follow our recommendations when handling the 2K Booster. Always refer to the full information sheet for more detailed information.

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