Torquata Set of 15 TCT Boring Bits

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    Torquata Set of 15 TCT Boring Bits THSBSET-15

    Torquata TCT Boring Bits are super-tough Forstners that will outlast high speed steel bits by miles, even in the hardest, gnarliest Australian timbers.

    Delivering accurate, clean results under extreme drilling conditions, they are the perfect bit for jobs requiring multiple holes in challenging material. Ideal for Aussie woodworkers who demand long-lasting performance.

    When Benjamin Forstner invented his namesake drill bit way back in 1886, he never imagined this! By combining traditional Forstner bit geometry with modern tungsten carbide technology, Torquata have developed the perfect drilling solution for Australian woodworkers.

    Included sizes are:

    12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm, 50mm.

    All sizes have a 10mm shank.


    Each Torquata TCT Boring Bit is manufactured to exacting tolerances to deliver outstanding accuracy. Vibration and runout are non-existent, giving you clean, smooth holes. The traditional Forstner rim has been redesigned – two tungsten carbide scribes slice the grain without chatter, ensuring speed and accuracy.  


    Tungsten Carbide will stay sharp long after standard high speed steel has become unusably blunt – even in the most difficult Australian and exotic timbers. Torquata TCT Boring Bits reduce your downtime and overheads, delivering excellent value and reliability.


    Heat is the enemy of cutting tools, deforming their edges and making them blunt. Tungsten carbide resists heat far better than high speed steel, giving you a longer-lasting edge.  And the unique design of Torquata TCT boring bits creates a clearance between the bit wall and the inside of the hole, reducing friction and heat buildup. No more smoking or scorched holes!


    Because Torquata TCT Boring Bits run cooler, they can be run at a faster RPM and fed more firmly into the workpiece. And because of the redesigned rim, their chip ejection is much better than traditional Forstners. You no longer need to pull the bit from the workpiece to clear the chips multiple times per hole. Torquata saves you time and boosts your productivity.

    Who is Torquata

    Torquata is your economical entry into quality drilling equipment. All Torquata router bits are back by a limited lifetime warranty. Order your Torquata routing bits today.

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