Torquata Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape

  • Torquata Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape

    Self-adhesive Torquata measuring tape

    When making accurate workshop jigs or fences, a self-adhesive rule is essential. These ones are 18mm wide so it can easily be adhered to standard 19mm thick timber with clear, quality metric and imperial graduations. Nice and long for almost every application at 1400mm.

    Self-adhesive rule, sticky ruler, flexible ruler, jig ruler

    Without the backing removed it can also be used as a flexible ruler, making it easy to measure odd shapes.

    A brand new innovation from Torquata!

    Originally only available in left - right measuring orientation, the new versions are available in both left - right and right - left orientation so you can go either way from centre.

    Left - Right Orientation
    $8.50 (inc GST)
    Right - Left Orientation
    $8.50 (inc GST)

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