Torquata Parrot Vice

  • Torquata Parrot Vice PV-125

    The only parrot that will help you in the workshop.

    Built like a machinist's vise, the Parrot vise incorporates a unique tightening cam that lets it pivot freely through 360° until you tighten the jaws firmly, locking the vise in place.

    The system lets you back off the clamp screw just enough to rotate the vise for access to any part of a workpiece without releasing it from the jaws.

    Further, the vise can be lifted from its heavy pivot post and reinstalled horizontally (either side up), maintaining the same pivoting and locking functions. 90mm (3.5") wide cast iron jaws open to 125mm (4.75").

    Screw holes allow mounting shop-made jaw liners of wood or other material for cushioning, holding cylinders, or other special functions. There is a 45mm (1.75") square machined anvil just behind the jaws. The vise weights roughly 8kg.


    $109.00 (inc GST)

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