Torquata Parallel Clamps

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    Torquata Parallel Clamps

    Torquata's famous parallel clamps: one of Australia's most famous clamps.

    Back when Torquata were just a glint in a West Australian's eye, many woodworkers were still taking on all sorts of projects - kitchen fitouts, furniture making, anything with panels - without using parallel clamps. And boy, did they not know what they were missing. These days, you just wouldn't trust any other clamp for the job these clamps can pull off every single time.

    These Torquata Parallel clamps are arguably the best we've ever stocked, completely changing the game in high-performance clamping. Their name comes from the ability of the jaws to remain parallel to each other and stay at 90°, ensuring it pulls your work piece in square every time without needing to check. Their design also makes them much lighter and easier to handle than standard sash clamps but still apply massive 400kg of clamping force.

    You have to see just how sturdy and incredibly powerful these clamping jaws are for yourself to know what we mean.

    These Clamp Parallel 305mm Long Each feature –

    • Drawn steel I-beam bar will not flex while reducing clamp weight
    • Easy conversion into spreader without needing tools
    • Durable die cast aluminium body with all steel clamp fittings
    • Jaw depth of 100mm
    • Powdercoated finish with non-marring TPR jaw pads
    • Two non-marring clip-on work piece supports included

    Buy a box of six Parallel Clamps and save 15% or more off RRP when compared to buying them individually.

    What makes these clamps so incredible is what they can achieve at such a competitive price point. You basically get every feature with these West Aussie tested parallel clamps that you can find on the premium European models and a few more to boot. Their reputation throughout Australia speaks for itself, as the clamp of choice among so many professional woodworkers.

    The non-marring clips, durable aluminium body with all steel fittings, the incredibly well-designed handles that reduce strain with quick-action clamping mechanisms and best of all, those perfectly fitting jaws that never slip, buckle or wear under pressure.

    300mm Capacity Each
    $69.91 (inc GST)
    300mm Capacity Six-Pack
    $375.90 (inc GST)
    610mm Capacity Each
    $74.90 (inc GST)
    610mm Capacity Six-Pack
    $399.91 (inc GST)
    914mm Capacity Each
    $84.90 (inc GST)
    914mm Capacity Six-Pack
    $449.90 (inc GST)

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