Torquata Mitre Track Bolts

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    Torquata Mitre Track Bolts MTB-57

    Heavy-duty, precision milled Miter Track Bolts

    While most jigs are produced using t-track and can be fixed in place using the t-track bolts, nuts and knobs, there is a growing need to fit jigs and accessories in to mitre track slots. Up until now this could only be achieved using the TTN-01 mitre track nuts which meant that the corresponding bolt had to be exactly the correct length and also made it more difficult to quickly tighten as the only purchase was a bolt-head.

    Mitre Track Bolt & Nut 57mm Long Each

    Now available is a bolt with an over-size head that fits perfectly into a 3/4in t-mitre slot commonly found on most table saws, router tables and also is the same profile as the aluminium mitre track that is available separately to be installed in home-made tables. It measures 57mm long and has an M8 thread. It comes with the washer and three-point star knob as a complete set.

    Sold individually so you can buy as many or little as you need.

    Shown here in use clamping the RTFBH horizontal featherboard as an example of use.

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