Torquata Crubber

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    Torquata Crubber

    Sick of your slippery work bench? Tired of your vice jaws marring your job? Fret no more and say hello to Crubber. Torquata brings you Crubber, an inexpensive, non-slip and durable material to ease your pain. Great for anyone who needs a non-slip, non-marring work surface.

    Crubber is a composite material made by grinding down natural cork and rubber. These elements are then combined under pressure to form a tough, resilient, slip resistant material that can be sliced into sheets. Crubber is an inexpensive, non-slip, super-grip material for lining vice jaws, worksurfaces, clamp heads and any other work surface that must deal with friction and pressure.

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    Meet your new best mate. Crubber is an inexpensive and durable material that can be attached to anywhere to produce a non-marring, non-slip working surface. Great for vices, clamps, even your bench.

    Easy to attach

    Crubber may be attached with almost any adhesive you like. Use liquid hide glue, yellow glue or contact glue. Contact glue is optimal as it peels off cleanly when it's time to replace your Crubber. Make sure you use plenty of glue, especially at the edges.

    Use everywhere

    Crubber can be used almost anywhere. Line the faces of your bench dogs for a non-marring surface. The faces of your clamp heads. The bottoms of shooting boards and bench hooks for a non-slip grip. You can even use Crubber as a strop. Crubber is also great for drawer bottoms, coaster bases, bowl bases or anywhere where you want to create a non-slip non-marring surface.


    Torquata is Timbecon’s own home brand dedicated to producing a range of clamps, saw blades, router bits and accessories for the Australian woodworker.

    250 x 310 x 2mm
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    510 x 1270 x 1.5mm
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    RRP: $32.90

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