Torquata Aluminium T Track Intersection Kit

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    Torquata Aluminium T Track Intersection Kit TTINT-1

    A T Track Intersection Kit for intersecting miter tracks continuously

    Torquata are Australia's leading supplier of T Track for a reason!

    Only selecting the highest-quality aluminium, with careful testing and design processes to ensure impeccable flatness, smooth running and unbeatable accuracy - that's what goes into a Torquata stretch of T Track and it's no surprise to see the Aussie brand innovating into this incredible invention that woodworkers have been crying out for.

    T-Track Intersection Kit 5/16in: Choose Torquata Ingenuity

    When you need to have two tracks intersect continuously, these purpose-built kits are perfect to match with the standard long t-track. They come in a pack of four different sections (each 75 x 20mm) with all the necessary mounting hardware, meaning they're easy to set up with minimum fuss and you can immediately and conveniently reorder your tracks. 

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