Torquata Aluminium Fence T Track Flip Stop

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    Torquata Aluminium Fence T Track Flip Stop TTSTOP-6

    This heavy-duty aluminium flip stop is designed to primarily work with the Fence T-Track extrusion (TTF-3610) however it will not fit T-egde track (TTE-4914). It is self-squaring in both of these tracks meaning it will always end up square against the fence.

    The stop itself measures 19.5mm wide and protrudes 10mm from the fence face, finishing flush with the bottom of the fence t-track (which is 59mm tall). A strong 5/16in flip bolt assembly has no lateral flex so will stand up to years of regular workshop use with no complaint. 

    It does not self-square in the standard t-track and will sit proud of the track when clamped.

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