Torquata Aluminium Fence T-Track

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    Torquata Aluminium Fence T-Track

    If you want to make jigs and fixtures for your workshop you can’t do without Torquata.

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    Torquata aluminium fence T-Track

    A thick-walled, heavy-duty aluminium extrusion measuring close to 22 x 59mm. This section features 10mm T-Slots along the two long 22mm edges. It also features a single 7.0mm T-Track along one of the 59mm faces. Available in 610mm and 1015mm lengths, this extruded aluminium may be cut on a mitre saw to whatever length required.

    Broad range of applications

    This T-Track has a broad range of applications. Use to build fences, guide rails and safety devices. It will accept a range of accessories including flip stops and feather boards. Mount by using a T-Bolt to either the bottom or side T-Track and bolt through to worksurface or T-Track below.

    About Torquata

    Torquata produce a range of router bits, saw blades, woodturning tools and woodworking accessories specified for the Australian woodworker. Torquata tools are economical, versatile and well made. Torquata means affordable quality.

    610mm (24in) Long
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    1015mm (40in) Long
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