Snappy Goldscrew Countersink Drill Bit Set of 5

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    Snappy Goldscrew Countersink Drill Bit Set of 5 SN-40030

    Already got a Quick Change Chuck and just need one of the best countersink sets?

    Easy! This set contains one of each of the five most common countersinks. Make it Snappy Tools’ Gold Screw Countersinks will drill the pilot hole and countersink or counterbore for screws in one step, making them a far quicker, simpler way to perform this essential task for practically every woodworker.

    Brilliant countersinking features

    • Countersink to drive the head of the screw flush with or slightly below the surface.
    • Easily control depth using an optional stop collar.
    • Counterbore to drive the screw below the surface and plug the hole.
    • The 82° countersink angle matches the angle on the head of most wood screws.


    SN-43005  2.0mm | #4-Gauge Hardwood
    SN-43006  2.4mm | #6-Gauge Softwood
    SN-43007  2.8mm | #6-Gauge Hard/8-Gauge Softwood
    SN-43008  3.2mm | #8-Gauge Hard/10-Gauge Softwood
    SN-43009  3.6mm | #10-Gauge Hard/12-Gauge Softwood
    $119.90 (inc GST)

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