Sleeveless Drum Sander Set

  • Sleeveless Drum Sander Set DS-4

    Sleeveless drum sanders are great as you’re not committed to buy replacement drums from the source, just use commonly available 75mm-wide or cut down 100mm-wide cloth-backed abrasives - opening up a much larger range of grits available to suit any task. Simply wrap the strips around the drums, feed the ends into the slot and turn the eccentric post that clamps the material securely in place.

    This set includes all four sleeveless drum sander sizes in a handy cardboard case along with adapters so you can mount 6.4mm (1/4in), 9.5mm (3.8in) or 12.7mm (1/2in) shafts on to each drum.

    All drums measure 76mm (3in) long and the diameters included are - 

    • 25.4mm (1in)
    • 50.8mm (2in)
    • 63.5mm (2 1/2in)
    • 76.2mm (3in)
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