Shinto Japanese Saw Rasp

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    Shinto Japanese Saw Rasp

    Find out why Japanese saw rasps are becoming the go-to tool for wood shaping. 

    The Shinto saw rasp is a very unique Japanese tool, the blade is made up of strips of a material similar to a hacksaw blade but with teeth cut on both edges then arranged in a lattice pattern. The rasp features fine teeth on one side and coarse on the opposite making this in essence two tools for the price of one, it is also impossible to clog as the waste material simply falls through the lattice as you work. Cuts on the push stroke. 

    The Shinto Rasp will become your go-to tool when shaping wood.

    Primary use on all-natural wood, plywood and laminated ply.

    Can also be used on soft metals including Iron, Copper, Aluminium & Lead


    • Almost impossible to clog - waste falls through lattice
    • Made of double edge saw blade material strips
    • 25mm wide 
    • Double-sided - coarse and fine
    • Cuts on the push stroke
    • 230mm blade length


    230mm Long
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    280mm Long
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