Sherwood Variable Speed Scroll Saw

  • Sherwood Variable Speed Scroll Saw SWSS-16-LV

    The best value Scroll Saw on the market: an ideal enthusiast machine!


    Sherwood's new Variable Speed scroll saw takes the time-tested design, reliability and features of a hobbyist machine but kicks it up a notch - we're talking variable speed to enhance your versatility and a foot switch to increase safety, efficiency and ease of operation. Like all Sherwood machines, this little beauty packs a five year warranty as well, for less than $250!


    • Foot switch - Stress over safety and poorly designed scroll saws no longer! Simply depress a switch with your foot and the blade stops nearly instantly!
    • Tensioning System - Ergonomically designed rear-knob with smooth finish allows extremely easy blade adjustment, with reliability the focus. Routinely tested to ensure no jamming or locking.
    • Adjustable Dust Blower & Safety Clamp - Hold down clamps ensure even better safety procedures while an in-built dust blower means you're not breathing sawdust.
    • Integral Work Light - Adjustable to any angle.
    • Minimal vibration - We've tested this unit inside and out to ensure you can produce the finest, most accurate cuts imaginable.
    • Tilting 45 degree table - Cut with maximum accessibility.
    • Smooth speed changes - Sherwood are masters at getting variable speed right - no jamming, slow responses or poorly geared mechanisms.
    • Dust Extraction Port - Pair your machine with any dust extractor on the market or ask us for a deal!
    • Universal Jaw System - The jaws will accept both pin and plain end blades.
    • Blade Storage Drawer
    • Throat Depth: 406mm (16")
    • Uses pinned and unpinned blades
    • Maximum Depth of Cut: 50mm
    • Speeds: 550 - 1600rpm
    • Table Tilt: 0 - 45º


    (mm / inch)Throat Capacity 406 / 16"
    (rpm)Speeds Variable 550 - 1600
    (W)Motor Power 75
    (V)Voltage 240
    (mm)Floor Space (W x D x H) 340 x 630 x 360
    (mm)Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H) 670 x 330 x 370
    (kg)Nett Weight 16
    $229.00 (inc GST)

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