Sherwood Sub Fence Clamp Brackets

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    Sherwood Sub Fence Clamp Brackets SFC-03

    Adjustable Fence Clamps are firm, reliable and so easy to use

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    Sherwood Adjustable Fence Clamps offer a multitude of uses, from jig and fixtures to securing sacrificial fence faces to table saws and router tables. The L-shaped arm is adjustable, as well as the clamp screw, and the large brass pad holds firmly so fence faces are held secure.

    Sub-Fence Clamp Brackets Adjustable Pk 2 Deluxe

    • Heavy-duty, thick and strong anodized aluminum clamp body for durability
    • Steel threaded components with large brass clamp pad
    • Adjusts on both ends for a massive 12.7 - 150mm opening range
    • L-shaped arm slides into hole of fence edge
    • Simply drill 9.5mm hole in fence edge, insert clamp, and tighten

    But wait that's not all! 

    The arm has a shoulder turned into it and two alloy clamp pads are included which is held in place by the grub screw that is held captive in the shoulder. This has the added benefit of being able to use it as a regular clamp that can work on any item that is out of square. You can also drill holes into the pad to screw through other attachments for a multitude of other applications in fixturing.

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