Sherwood Heligrind 2.0 Bench Grinder Toolrest Kit Complete

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    Sherwood Heligrind 2.0 Bench Grinder Toolrest Kit Complete

    The HeliGrind is back! And with some new improvements. 

    This kit from Timbecon is the one and only kit to get you sharpening all your tools from chisels, to gouges. Includes a new and upgraded tool rest with the new and upgraded HeliGrind and a flat tool rest just to round out the kit.

    After the release of the first HeliGrind we have worked with our customer's feedback and our manufacturer to greatly improve the machining tollerances as well as the quality of the components used. We have also spent a great deal of time improving the stand for the jig, giving you exponentially more control over the angle of the rest.

    The HeliGrind Sharpening System is the only jig on the market that will sharpen gouges on the helical path – the ideal way to sharpen all your woodturning gouges. This type of grind is known as either a fingernail or sidegrind and is recommended but virtually impossible to grind accurately freehand. 

    The HeliGrind is a versatile jig that is fixed in front of your bench grinder and has several attachments to simplify and make more accurate sharpening grinds of a range of different tools.

    The flat tool jig allows for you to sharpen you flat and angled skew chisels as well as your bench and cabinet chisels.

    As a kit or individual sale

    You can buy this as a complete kit or for those just wanting the HeliGrind, you may select the individual components from the drop down menu.


    • Woodturning bowl and spindle gouges – the gouge is clamped into an inner cylinder that can be easily rotated via a fully-sealed guide bearing seated against the outer solid, cast bronze holder. This patented system was designed to follow the correct path for producing the best type of grind on your gouges.
    • Works on all gouges 6 - 16mm wide
    • Sharpens on the helical path every time
    • Self-jigging design for faster set-up
    • The nose of the gouge is pushed up the wheel along the helical path to produce the optimum shape without having to constantly reset the jig as you grind the wheel down. 
    • It produces hollow ground edges, which provides a superb two-point bearing that makes the grinding self-jigging. It means that every time you re-grind, you remove a tiny and constant thickness of steel, extending the life of both your tools and grinding wheels. It also means that the geometry of the tip won’t change, allowing your tools to display the same properties every time you use them.
    • Including a skew chisel grinding jig, the HeliGrind System also allows you to sharpen skew chisels by attaching the preset holder to grind at the popular 20º angle.
    • There is also a conventional toolrest in the kit, which can be quickly attached to provide a flat plate in front of the wheel – perfect for scrapers and other chisels. 
    Complete Kit
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    RRP: $294.70
    Heligrind Main Jig
    Bundle & Save! $169.90 (inc GST)
    Flat Chisel Jig
    Bundle & Save! $44.90 (inc GST)
    Bronze Gouge Jig
    Bundle & Save! $79.90 (inc GST)

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