Sherwood CBN Wheel Bench Grinder with HeliGrind Kit

  • Sherwood CBN Wheel Bench Grinder with HeliGrind Kit MDNKIT-2

    Sherwood's ultimate bench grinder kit for those ready to take their sharpening seriously.

    At request from our customers that sharpen their tools often, we have made the ultimate bench grinder kit. Featuring the Sherwood 8in Slow Speed Bench Grinder, the most popular bench grinder we make, 180 grit CBN grinder wheel and HeliGrind Turning Tool Jig.

    Why CBN wheels over Aluminum Oxide?

    Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) wheels are machined from solid steel and are bonded with Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN). CBN wheels have 4 times higher abrasive resistance, 55 times higher thermal conductivity and twice the hardness of aluminium oxide wheels. 

    These wheels can make almost any grinder perform at a much higher level. Just think about not having to prepare your grinding stone by dressing and shaping it each time, simply turn on your grinder and get to sharpening without any hassle.

    One of the main advantages of CBN wheels is that you can sharpen without the requirement of coolant as the wheels don't overheat or burn the tools. These wheels provide excellent removal of steel whilst also delivering a sharp edge and smooth finish with very little effort and less heat damage to your tools.

    Why throw in throw in the Heligrind and Universal Rests?

    In swaping the Aluminium Oxide wheel to a CBN wheel, the side cover on the left no longer fits due to the larger wheel, because of this the stock tool rests no longer fit. We weren't going to simply ignore this. So we included the Heligrind Toolrest Jig. 

    What is a HeliGrind Turning Tool Sharpening Kit

    The HeliGrind Sharpening System is the only jig on the market that will sharpen gouges on the helical path – the ideal way to sharpen all your woodturning gouges. This type of grind is known as either a fingernail or sidegrind and is recommended but virtually impossible to grind accurately freehand. 

    The HeliGrind is a versatile jig that is fixed in front of your bench grinder and has several attachments to simplify and make more accurate sharpening grinds of a range of different tools.

    Kit Includes:

    • 1x Sherwood 8in Slow Speed Bench Grinder

    • 1x Sherwood CBN Grinder Wheel - 200x40mm - 180Grit

    • 1x Sherwood HeliGrind Toolrest Jig

    • 1x Sherwood HeliGrind Gouge Chisel Jig

    • 1x Sherwood HeliGrind Flat Chisel Jig

    Caution: CBN Grinding Wheels are designed to be used to sharpen hardened Steel or Carbide. Sharpening non-heat treated steel, aluminum or other soft metals will damage the CBN Grinding Wheel.

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