Sherwood Bench Mounted Precision Drill Press 550W

  • Sherwood Bench Mounted Precision Drill Press 550W SWDP-1516-BZ

    Sherwood’s Precision Drill Presses are truly versatile machines that deliver outstanding accuracy across a wide range of materials. They are equally at home drilling timber, composites, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics and more.

    Superb Accuracy

    Why waste all that effort you put into layout by using a machine that wanders all over the place? A Sherwood Precision Drill Press keeps your machining tight and will allow you to achieve a new level of precision in your work. Heavy castings, accurate machining and high-quality bearings amount to a machine with minimal vibration and almost non-existent runout.


    Do you need to drill a closely-spaced series of 1mm holes in acrylic? No problem. Do you want to chew out large amounts of material with a Forstner bit? Easily done. Do your projects take you into non-timber territory, finding you drilling into steel or brass? Not a worry. The Sherwood Precision Drill Press is perfectly comfortable in all these scenarios. Providing equal measures of precision and power, it’s the perfect performance all-rounder for every workshop.

    Smooth and Quiet

    The Sherwood Precision Drill Presses are whisper-quiet and super-smooth. That’s a sign of build quality. It means that all the energy from the 4-pole 550W motor is going into the spindle without being diverted into vibration, delivering you efficiency and productivity with every project.

    5-Year warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other drill press in its class is more supported than the Sherwood 550W Precision Drill Press.

    Heavy-Duty Precision

    With less than 0.02mm runout at the taper, the Sherwood Precision Drill Press will allow you to drill deep, clean holes without taper or binding. And the size of the hole will match the size of the drill bit – just as it should.


    The Sherwood Precision Drill Press achieves its accuracy through a simple recipe: heavy castings, precision machining and quality bearings. Maintenance is straightforward, as all moving parts are easily accessible. And of course, it is covered by Sherwood’s five-year warranty – your mark of reliable service for years to come.

    Five Speeds

    A precision-engineered drivetrain lets you select from a high-torque 300rpm for metals and massive Forstners, to a high-speed 3500rpm for small bits where exactness is crucial. The high-performance four-pole 550W motor is mounted on twin heavy-duty rods that keep the motor straight while changing speeds, ensuring your pulleys are always aligned and belt wobble is minimised.

    Pillar-Mounted Table Height Adjustment

    The bench-mounted Sherwood Precision Drill Press features a brilliant table height setup. Rather than using the usual rack and pinion system, the crank handle is mounted to the pillar and raises the table via an internal leadscrew. This means the table moves vertically with zero lateral movement. The table height can be adjusted without having to reset the drilling position, giving you perfect precision throughout the drilling process.

    Keyless Chuck

    No more lost chuck keys! The Sherwood Precision Drill Press comes with a precision keyless chuck as standard. The capacity of the chuck goes from a tiny 1mm right up to 16mm.

    5-Year Warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other drill press in its class is more supported than the Sherwood 750W EVS.

    Motor Size


    Run out




    Spindle Travel




    Chuck Capacity

    1 – 16mm

    Spindle Taper

    MT2 – B16

    Post Diameter


    Table Size

    230 x 270mm

    Base Size

    490 x 310mm

    Height When Assembled


    Machine Weight



    AU - 10amp

    $1,199.00 (inc GST)

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