Sherwood 8in Slow Speed Bench Grinder

  • Sherwood 8in Slow Speed Bench Grinder MDN-200-SL

    Heat: The Enemy of Woodworking Steel

    Don't be fooled by bench grinders that run at faster speeds! This model has been specially design to run at 1,400RPM, reducing heat built-up when sharpening your precious high speed and high carbon woodworking tool steels and reducing the chance of burning the edge. This is important because the quality of woodworking tool steels usually means a denser molecular structure which can make it easy to create the heat build-up when running at faster speeds.

    Grinding wheels also make a big difference - that's why this grinder is only specified with white aluminium oxide grinding wheels - the industry standard for woodworking tool steels. 

    Four-pole motors have twice the torque of standard 2,800RPM bench grinder 2-pole motors so it still has the (body size and) torque of a normal 1HP bench grinder, meaning that while the motor output is lower, the added torque allows it to brilliantly grind tool steel with ease. In addition a mounted cast-iron base minimises vibration and it comes with decent tool rests and clear eye guards - making it a pleasure to use out of the box.

    • 375W (1/2HP) 1400RPM induction motor designed for continuous running
    • Aluminium oxide (white) 60-grit 200 x 25mm wheel for shaping grinds
    • 25mm-wide wheel has adjustable 70 x 40mm toolrest
    • Aluminium oxide (white) 120-grit 200 x 40mm wheel for finer grinding
    • 40mm-wide wheel has adjustable 85 x 40mm toolrest
    • Crystal clear perspex eye-guards for better viewing of grinding when in use
    $249.00 (inc GST)

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