Sherwood 750W Pedestal Floor Drill Press

  • Sherwood 750W Pedestal Floor Drill Press DPF-750

    Sherwood's 750W Pedestal Drill offers incredible accuracy and repeatability

    Okay, so you're sitting there scoping through the drill presses on offer thinking 'They all look the same! How do I know which one to buy?'. Easy.

    Firstly, you go on reputation (choose an Australian brand with 30 years of reliability and excellence on the Aussie market, that's tested on Australian hardwoods and backed by an Australian owned and operated retailer).

    Then, you go on warranty. This is one of the only drill presses on the market backed by a five year warranty, meaning in the very unlikely event that anything goes wrong, you can call one of our sales staff - everyone of whom is a woodworker, not a call centre operator - or drop into our actual brick and mortar stores and discuss the issue, knowing that you're fully protected.

    Finally, you go on the extra features that show that the company that designed it isn't just flogging mass produce, untested machinery. Features like four-pole induction motors, LED worklights, clearly available runout measurements, one-piece spindles all show that the people who designed these machines are actual woodworkers. After all, we're actual woodworkers and we wouldn't be selling them otherwise.

    Massive torque is just one of the features...

    • 4-Pole motor produces double the torque of standard 2-pole motors

    • Standard bayonet-style light fitting mounted in the drill head creates improved lighting on the drill press table
    • One-piece drive spindle design (instead of using a tapered drill arbor) improves drive transfer and concentricity
    • Micro-switch built into pulley cover means it can't be accidentally turned on when changing speeds

    The heavy, stable base, large vibration-absorbing head and decent size working table all combine to make it great for all jobs and is finding itself in many satisfied workshops. An LED working light on a flexible arm is now included to illuminate the work space for better accuracy.


    Motor Size 750W
    Run Out 0.03mm
    # of Speeds 16
    Speed Range 220 - 2840rpm
    Spindle Travel 80mm
    Swing 360mm
    Chuck Capacity 3 - 16mm
    Quill Size 60mm
    Base - Chuck Height 640mm
    Post Diameter 85mm
    Table Size 290 x 290mm
    Base Size 265 x 420mm
    Height When Assembled 1560mm
    Machine Weight 67kg
    Plug AU - 10amp

    Please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine that a tailgate drop fee of $65.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns page for more information.

    $649.00 (inc GST)

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