Sherwood 6in Cabinet Jointer

  • Sherwood 6in Cabinet Jointer

    Sherwood's 6 Inch Cabinet Jointer Planer is one of the most rugged, solid jointers on the market

    While the Standard 6in Jointer does the job well for a reasonable price, there are a few areas of improvement that makes this unit a pleasure to own, and if you can stretch the budget, our workshop's woodworkers all believe this model is well worth the upgrade. 

    Taking its queue from the 8in Jointer in some respects, it sits on a welded one-piece cabinet base that supports the jointer securely on the floor. While there is a small amount of flex in the open leg stand of the Standard 6in Jointer, this cabinet base securely supports the jointer table for all operations. It has the single 4in integral dust port for efficient waste extraction and it houses the 1HP induction motor securely, reduces overall machine vibration and providing a smoother cut.

    Jointer 6in Standard Bed Cabinet Stand

    The cutterhead is now supported by Sherwood-specified Japanese SKF bearings, for a smoother and quieter operation with lower friction - improving service life and performance. 

    The jointer is still the same classic wedge-bed design that has been in service for decades and is still used by all the major brands of jointers of this size because of its dependability. The bed itself and matching bedway on the tables are precision-machined multiple times over a number of days to allow the cast iron to settle and stabilize, then once assembled - the tables are again machined and polished over days for the same reason - so that each jointer bed has perfectly matched infeed and outfeed tables. With a 1.2m length, this jointer will comfortably straighten work pieces up to 2.4m long.

    The handwheels are now located at the front of the machine and made from cast iron that are polished and painted, making it easier to adjust both tables by gaining greater access to the adjustment than having to reach under the table.

    Extremely solid Cabinet Jointer camlock block and key design

    It still has the same traditional camlock block-and-key design - providing a solid secure base that holds the fence in place when locked, whilst still allowing quick release and repositioning. As the fence on this unit is lighter than the big fence found on the 8in model, this is still easily performed. The fence can be tilted up to 45° to plane bevelled edges with an integral stop built in for 45° and 90° for quick and easy adjustment. 

    The third major update over the Standard 6in Jointer is that the switch is conveniently located at about elbow height with a quick-stop paddle that makes it easy to turn off even with your hands full - similar to the 8in model.

    While on their own the updates are nice-to-haves, taken as a whole, along with the excellent fit and finish of this machine, you will find it perfect for a home workshop where a reasonable amount of work is being done for a number of years.

    Why should you buy a Sherwood planing machine?

    Sherwood are arguably Australia's leading thicknesser and jointer manufacturers because they back themselves and the quality of their machines. Unlike many of the cheaper imports on the market, this Aussie brand flaunts incredible build quality and attention to detail - the unsurpassed five-year warranty on every thicknesser says it all. 

    The tables and fences on every machine are rock-solid and the feeding system Sherwood utilise competes with thicknessers and jointers at the very top of the international market. Every part of this machine is carefully designed and tested to ensure that it will provide eons of reliable, accurate trouble-free service. The dust chutes are carefully built in to create the most efficient running machine possible, while every safety consideration is tailored for. The results you get with a Sherwood thicknesser, jointer or combination planer are always extremely accurate, which is why they're used by countless professionals across the country and beyond.

    Unlike many of its competitors, Sherwood also produce the full range of thicknesser and jointer accessories and market their own range of cutterheads and the unique helical-path true shear cutterheads that are taking the Australian industry by storm.

    Sherwood 6 Inch Cabinet Jointer Specifications

    Upgrade your standard cutterhead to a CTS spiral head! Click here for more info on CTS spiral heads available separately. Price for jointer with spiral head fitted listed above. Looking for replacement blades? Purchase the TBJ-6-BL on the 6in Standard Jointer Page.

    Motor Size 750W (1HP)
    Motor Type Induction
    # of Belts 1
    Cutterhead Speed 4800rpm
    # of Blades 3
    Blade Type Resharpenable
    Table Dimensions 1175 x 190mm
    Fence Dimensions 730 x 125mm
    Max Planing Capacity 155 x 3.2mm
    Rebating Capacity 16 x 13mm
    Bed Height 830mm
    Dust Port Diameter 102mm (4in)

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    While we keep our shipping costs as low as humanly possible, please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine, unless you have a forklift or other suitable means of offloading your machine at delivery, our shipping companies insist that a tailgate drop fee of $65.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns for more information.

    Sherwood 6in Cabinet Jointer User Manual

    Download User Manual

    Standard Straight Blade Jointer
    $1,199.00 (inc GST)
    Spiral Head Jointer
    $1,699.00 (inc GST)
    Replacement Straight Blade Set of 3
    $49.00 (inc GST)

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