Sherwood 13in Standard Thicknesser

  • Sherwood 13in Standard Thicknesser

    Sherwood's Premier 13in Standard Thicknesser is an Australian woodworking stalwart

    More than 20 years ago we brought the first benchtop thicknesser into the country for under $500 (a 10in model that sold for under $400). Time has gone by and countless thousands of various Sherwood models are around the country getting plenty of work – and here we are, selling a phenomenal Sherwood thicknesser with the latest technology, still for just a tad over $500.

    Manufacturing has improved significantly over that time so this unit now is the latest version. While externally it looks similar to other models around, its under the hood that is important when it comes to providing a unit with longevity and this is no exception. A reliable unit to be used onsite and in small workshops that is purpose built and tested to give years of trouble free service in rugged workshop conditions no matter what you throw at it.

    Thicknesser 13in 330mm Standard Features

    • Phenomenal value with a level of quality unparalleled at this price
    • Cutterhead parallelism maintained by four precision ground steel posts
    • In-built dust chute and dust port with unique three sizes built into one outlet
    • Easy-to-access and change brushes
    • Built-in depth-of-cut gauge to ensure you're taking off the correct amount in each pass

    What do we love about Sherwood's standard thicknesser?

    The cutterheads that come as standard are phenomenally robust and hard-wearing, which gives you a far superior lifespan and unmatched accuracy on a machine of this price point. The whole machine is set up to be incredibly long-lasting and maintenance free, however like a Toyota, they're still very easy to perform routine checks and other touch-ups on yourself. The brushes are right there accessible to all and so easy to replace you'll wonder what machine technicians for.

    The cutting gauges are similarly thought out to make using these thicknessers a breeze, allowing you to carefully track each pass, which together with the precise cutterheads, creates a thicknesser that you can achieve professional results on for an enthusiast price.

    Sherwood 13in Thicknesser Important Specifications

    Motor Size

    1500W (2HP)

    Motor Type


    # of Belts


    Cutterhead Speed


    # of Blades


    Blade Type


    Cutterhead Lock


    Max Planing Capacity

    330 x 152mm

    Min Stock Thickness


    Planer Bed Size

    330 x 235mm

    Extension Table Size

    340 x 195mm

    Planer Feed Speed


    Dust Port Diameter

    2in, 2 ½in, 4in

    Machine Footprint

    550 x 640 x 490mm

    $625.00 (inc GST)
    Planer Blade Set Of 2
    $69.00 (inc GST)

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