Sherwood 10in Standard Bandsaw

  • Sherwood 10in Standard Bandsaw SBS-250

    The Sherwood 10in Bandsaw is a sight for saw eyes

    The entry-level Sherwood 10in bandsaw offers prize-fighting power in a pint-sized machine. We’ve opened up Timbecon’s range of new-and-improved bandsaws with excellent value. The Sherwood 10in Standard Bandsaw offers 400 W of peak power, meaning it packs plenty of punch for its size, while a 4-pole motor ensures excellent efficiency and sustained power delivery.  

    Why the Sherwood 10in model?

    These saws are fantastic for passion projects, with an endless range of intricate designs, boxes, toys, wood coverings, benches and doors at your fingertips. 

    Best of all, it offers a genuine alternative to larger, more expensive bandsaws while vastly reducing the workshop footprint. It’s the perfect option for hobbyists and DIYers without a warehouse sized workshop, while a sturdy open-stand means it doesn’t take up your bench space. 

    In short, it’s always there when you need it, and not in the way when you don’t. 


    • Aluminium-finned 4 pole motor provides excellent efficiency
    • Circle-guide attachment for cutting perfect circles
    • Cast-alloy wheels
    • Multiple in-built measuring devices
    • Two bearing adjustments for added stability
    • Open stand
    • Multiple-optioned dust port for greater flexibility
    • In-built flexible light for precision cutting and excellent visibility
    • Easily wound height adjustment
    • Small workshop footprint
    • See through panel and blade tension signifier to save time and hassle in readjustment


    Model Code SBS-250
    Blade Guides American Style Bearings
    Blade Length 1830mm
    Blade Widths 6 - 13mm
    Blade Speed 400 / 4800 m/min
    Blade Release Tension Knob
    Wheel Material Cast Alloy
    Cutting Height 90° 145mm
    Throat (Cutting Width) 245mm
    Table Size 355 x 320mm 
    Mitre Guide Slot 9.0 x 9.5mm
    Table Height 625mm
    Table Tilt (Degrees) 0 - 45
    Dust Outlets 1 x 102mm (4in)
    Motor Output (Poles) 250 W (4-Pole)
    Amperage 1.6 A
    Maximum Power 400 W
    Braked No
    Workshop Footprint 700 x 570 x 1430 
    Shipping Dimensions 1010 x 450 x 385 
    Assembled/Shipping Weights 35 / 38 kg

    Which bandsaw is right for me?

    This bandsaw is an excellent quality choice for those looking to step up the accuracy of their curved cuts without breaking the bank. Packed with extra features many of its competition fail to offer, it makes operation easy and enjoyable for beginners and intermediates.

    However, if you think the blade height may limit your ambitions moving forward, check out the larger 12, 14 and 18in models in Timbecon’s range. For something a little bit special, or in electronic variable speed, don't miss out on the new Sherwood Deep Rip and Sherwood Black.

    $579.00 (inc GST)

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