Pony Jorgensen Canvas Band Clamp

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    Pony Jorgensen Canvas Band Clamp

    Pony Jorgensen produce a comprehensive range of affordable and durable clamps for woodworking. Whether you are a part time enthusiast or a serious professional, embrace your creativity with Pony Jorgensen.

    Clamps come in many forms. And are a fundamental piece of kit for anyone who is into woodworking. No workshop, whether enthusiast or professional, should be without a comprehensive set of clamps.

    If you ever want to work in the round, or possibly the square, then you need a good band clamp. These versatile clamps have numerous applications only limited by your imagination. Build a pedestal table, glue together picture frames, strap on a table edge or even make yourself a keg.

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    Pony Jorgensen Canvas Band Clamp

    This heavy-Duty Canvas Band Clamp is for when you are taking on those extra-large projects. With its 6.0 metre girth, you can build anything from a Roman column to a Japanese hot tub.

    Dual self-locking mechanism

    The Pony Jorgensen Canvas Band Clamp features a dual self-locking mechanism. This means you can tighten the band by pulling from either end of the strap. Great for when you need to centre the clamp head or are working in a tight situation. The screw and crank handle can be used for final tightening.

    Heavy Build

    The heavy‑duty Pony canvas band clamp is made with the highest‑grade ductile cast iron. The screw and crank handle are designed to be gripped and cranked hard. The canvas band is tightly wound and finished with a steel end cap. This band clamp will provide you with years of reliable extra tight use.


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