Planer Blade Setting Jig

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    Planer Blade Setting Jig BSJ-02

    Sherwood's Universal Planer Blade Setting Jig is suitable for every cutterhead!

    Suitable for all types of jointers and thicknessers. Simply adjust the jigs for the correct diameter cutterhead and length of extrusion of the blade from the cutterhead. Put your planer knives into the cutterhead and set the jig over the planer blade. Two rare-earth magnets hold the jig onto the cutterhead whilst pressure is being applied to the knives for tightening the clamping bar. Allows perfect setting of blades on any type of cutterhead.

    Planer Blade Setting Jig Features

    • Universal for use on every cutterhead on the market, all thicknessers and jointers in one!
    • Two rare earth magnets allow extreme hold and easy height adjustment simultaneously
    • Easy setting and adjusting mechanism saves huge amounts of time and hassle
    • Unique tightening controls allow greater accuracy and control over blade positioning
    • Really durable build materials as standard on all Sherwood products. Designed to last a lifetime.

    What do we love about these Planer Blade Setting Jigs?

    First of all, it's rare that you'll find a planer blade setting jig that is truly universal AND offers the same level of exceptional hold and easy repositioning mechanisms that these jigs do. The fact that you can hold and height adjust your planer knives simultaneously is a credit to the strength of the magnets Sherwood use and makes a huge difference to the amount of time you'll spend on what should be a quick, hassle free job but often isn't.

    With Sherwood's planer blade setting jigs, you're guaranteed to have long-service, durable blade setting.

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