Olson Metal Cutting Scroll Saw Blades

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    Olson Metal Cutting Scroll Saw Blades

    The only metal-cutting powered scroll saw blades for a reason

    Olson are the only makers of metal cutting blades for powered scroll saws, but that doesn't mean they've rested on their laurels. They're the world's finest scroll saw blade makers for a reason - their expertise is unsurpassed.

    Other manufacturers don't dare trying to make metal-cutting scroll saw blades because it's a tough gig, but as we outline below, Olson have got the goods.

    A tough, premium metal-cutting blade

    Jewellers or metal-piercing blades are for use in hand-held frames due to their inherent brittleness. These premium blades are made of hardened and tempered steel and have more teeth per inch required for cutting thin metal and other hard materials.

    Sold as pack of 12. UN = Universal Number.

    20TPI | 1.77 x 0.58 | UN = 12
    $16.90 (inc GST)
    25TPI | 1.24 x 0.55 | UN = 9
    $16.90 (inc GST)
    30TPI | 1.04 x 0.48 | UN = 7
    $16.90 (inc GST)

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