Milescraft TurnLock BasePlate & Bushing Set

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    Milescraft TurnLock BasePlate & Bushing Set MC-1201

    A universal turnlock baseplate for most routers

    Forget fumbling with tiny bolts and screwdrivers! The TurnLock™ concept turns changing guide bushings, and installing router attachments into a simple matter of a 1/4 twist.

    Click here for a PDF of known compatible routers

    Fast, Easy, Tool-Free Exchange of Guide Bushings

    The cogs on the outside of the bushing slip into the slots on the inside of the base, locking the bushing in place.  Reverse the process to remove the bushing. The TurnLock™ Base Plate is clear and greatly increases the user’s visibility of the work area and allows for more consistent alignment of router bits with any template shape. The TurnLock™ base attaches to any of the Milescraft router attachments via the same principle…align and twist.

    Guide Bushings

    • Durable guide bushings maintain consistent alignment with most routers template shape
    • TurnLock™ technology features fast tool-free guide bushing exchanges on most routers
    • Includes 8 common bushing sizes: 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”. 1/2″, 5/8”, 51/64”, and 7/16” & 5/8” extended nose
    • Includes Top Hat adaptor to convert other metal bushings into TurnLock™ quick change bushings

    TurnLock™ BasePlate

    • Clear BasePlate for visibility of the work area
    • Tough polycarbonate base plate can be modified with a drill or file to fit nonstandard routers
    • Centering pin included for fast accurate BasePlate installation
    • Includes common mounting screws for attachment to most routers
    • Base plate fits most compact and full-size routers.

    Equipped With The Patented TurnLock™ Technology

    • Allows for fast tool-free guide bushing and router attachment exchanges
    • Thumb-activated lock/release mechanism enhances speed and safety when changing tools
    • The TurnLock™ base plate accepts all Milescraft® bushings


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