Milescraft Right-Angle Impact Driver

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    Milescraft Right-Angle Impact Driver MC-1303

    Stuck in a tight situation? After using Milescraft's impact right angle drill attachment, you'll never touch a stubby driver again.

    It's easy to be facetious about power-drill add ons like these, but we all know how annoying it can be to try to drive a screw into a tight location, where your screwdriver can't fit, and suffering to get the amount of power and accuracy needed to gain a respectable finish.

    If you're looking to use small drivers to get into tight corners - about 5cm wide - and your drill can't cut it, this is the perfect tool for you. If you're trying to mount into a stud wall, under the sink, inside the engine bay of your camry - it's super versatile because it will take any size hex-mounted drill bit. It's suited for an impact driver, so it's meant for any application. You can also get a lot closer to standard projects than a stubby drill.


    • Impact Ready - US manufacturing is tough as nails (literally).
    • It makes it even easier to use in close quarter drilling
    • The design provides maximum comfort and control when drilling.
    • Flat back handle to assist with perpendicular drilling
    • New, improved gears for enhanced durability and longer life
    • Only 38mm wide, for maximum reach into those tight spaces
    • Magnetic 1/4” Hex Socket accepts most standard hex accessories

    Quick, right-angle drilling at a very competitive price

    That's why we took Milescraft's US made right-angle driver very seriously when we saw what a competitive price point it boasted, considering the quality of their manufacturing.

    The Drive90 rapidly increases the versatility of your existing power drill and it couldn't be easier to use - simply insert the Drive90PLUS right angle drilling attachment into the chuck of your drill for access to those hard to reach and tight spaces. We're yet to find an angle we can't squeeze the well-designed head into, but because it attaches to a power-drill, you don't have to worry about power generation. Perfect holes every time.

    We've used attachments like these before that have created slightly warped, egg shaped holes due to the drilling operation (which aren't normally a problem anyway) but we can safely say the Drive90's holes have very little, if any runout.


    Minimum Reach: 1.5"
    Material: ABS and Metal Head
    Shaft Size: 1/4in Hex
    Torque: Tested in impact drivers rated for up to 1500 in/lbs of torque at 3000 rpm .
    Weight: 0.5 lbs
    $47.90 (inc GST)

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