Milescraft Pocket Hole Jig300 Kit Screws & Face Clamp

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    Milescraft Pocket Hole Jig300 Kit Screws & Face Clamp MC-1326-KIT

    Heavy Duty Pocket Hole Jig and Face Frame Clamp Kit

    The Milescraft PocketJig300 heavy-duty pocket hole jig is the ideal solution for bigger projects. Whether you’re building decks, fences, outdoor furniture, or framing walls, this HD jig has you covered!

    The kit includes:

    Milescraft PocketJig300
    150mm Face Frame Clamp
    2x 14Gx64mm Coarse Pocket Hole Screw Pack of 50

    PocketJig300 HD Pocket Hole Jig Kit – Designed For Bigger Builds

    For use on materials 1-1/2″ (38mm) and larger. 50% stronger joints than using standard pocket hole jigs.

    Hardened Steel Drill Bushings

    For precise and accurate 1/2″ (12.7mm) pocket holes.

    Thick Durable Fence

    Flip down when drilling new pocket holes. Keep up when doing repairs.

    Recessed Clamp Pocket

    Keeps the clamp in the same position as you move to different locations. With the rare Earth magnet, you can easily move the jig from one location to another. For speed and accuracy, use with Miolescraft Face Clamps.

    Convenient Built-In Depth Stop Setting

    Easily set your bit for the correct drilling depth.

    Magnetic T25 Torx® Driver

    For maximum torque settings without stripping. To allow pocket screws to align with maximum precision. 1/4″ (6.35mm) hex shank is quick change compatible.

    HSS Step Drill Bit

    Made from high-speed steel. Eliminates clogging and provides smooth and precise holes. 1/4″ (6.35mm) hex shank is quick change compatible.

    Split Design Stop Collar With Flat

    The split design prevents slipping of the set screw when tightened and the flat prevents the bit from rolling.

    Rugged Storage Case

    With designated places for components, you will never have to go digging through your toolbox for your pocket hole jig again.

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