Milescraft Pen Blank Turning Pen Press

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    Milescraft Pen Blank Turning Pen Press MC-4701

    Do you want to press pens and other turned projects like a pro? The Milescraft PenPress™ gives you the flexibility and convenience to adapt from project to project while assembling precision-pressed products. A great tool for the enthusiast and pro woodworker alike.

    The Milescraft Pen Presses easy to use design, secures parts in horizontal alignment while pressure is applied. This is the ideal tool for pressing pen blanks and other turned projects together in a quick and simple fashion.

    What’s in the box

    Your Milescraft PenPress includes:

    • Press handle with mounting bolts and hex nuts
    • Clamp body, Pen press base with storage drawer and mounting screws
    • Press tip & Receiving tip
    • Flip stops
    • Blank receiving tip
    • Instructions

    Features and benefits

    Comfort Grip Handle & Toggle

    • Steel handle with non-slip grip delivers maximum control and up to 300 pounds of pressure
    • Smooth glide toggle delivers precise pressure and precision when assembling components

    Spring-Loaded Mandrel

    • Spring-loaded receiving pad keeps components aligned, straight and ensures solid fitting pen pieces
    • Pen tip centring hole allows for easy project set-up and assists in even assembly

    Quick-Flip Stops

    • Six quick-flip stops quickly adjust the press to handle bigger or smaller components and save time adjusting for different projects

    Durable All-Metal Base With Non-Slip Pads

    • Solid, all-metal construction with a non-slip base keeps the PenPress™ firmly in place when in use
    • Sturdy base with rubber non-slip pads can be clamped to your workbench to prevent shifting during use

    Magnetic Storage Drawer

    • Convenient, magnetic storage drawer holds extra press pads, pen parts, and other assembly tools

    Who is Milescraft

    Proudly engineered in the USA, every Milescraft product is developed and manufactured with the user in mind at every step. Make elegant wooden signs with confidence. Drive screws in awkward spaces. Install new doors in your home. Install crown moulding and trim, drill precise holes or build cabinets. Whatever the project, Milescraft solutions are here to help you complete your projects quickly and accurately.

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