Milescraft CabinetMate Shelf Pin Drill Jig

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    Milescraft CabinetMate Shelf Pin Drill Jig MC-1366

    The Milescraft CabinetMate Shelf Pin Jig allows you to position and drill perfectly aligned shelf-pin holes accurately with exceptional repeatability.

    Do you want wobble-free cabinet shelves?

    The Milescraft CabinetMate is just the tool. Easy to use, lightweight and durable the CabinetMate jig is a great alternative to any shop-made jig.

    The custom spring-loaded-brad point drill bit allows the holes you drill to self-centre with the holes on the main body. This bit is pre-set to bore a crisp hole with consistent depth for a perfect fitting shelf pin.

    The CabinetMate allows you to accurately drill eleven holes, evenly spaced at 32mm apart, in just one setting. This innovative tool can be used on cabinet sides before assembly, already assembled cabinets and face-frame or frameless cabinets.

    CabinetMate Shelf Pin Jig

    • Large device, drill up to 11 holes at one time
    • Storage compartment, for storing: indexing pins, shelf-pin bits (up to 2)
    • Additional hole locations, for concealed hinges (euro-style cabinetry)

    Indexing Pins

    • For accurate transfer of holes
    • Includes both 5mm index pins

    Self-Centering, Spring-Loaded Bit

    • For precise drilling at pre-set tension and depth
    • Includes 5mm ShelfPinBit

    Milescraft – Always the better idea

    Milescraft offers a range of products designed to leverage your base skills in woodworking. Skills such as measuring, drilling and sawing.

    Make it easy with Milescraft – order your CabinetMate today.

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