Melbourne Tool Company Spokeshave Blades

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    Melbourne Tool Company Spokeshave Blades MTC-10667

    If you want to shape and smooth wood, then you need a good spokeshave with a good blade. This Melbourne Tool Company Spokeshave Blade is the real backbone of your smoothing and shaping kit. A fundamental tool for anyone loves to work with wood.

    Melbourne Tool Company Spokeshave Blades

    MTC has chosen M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) for the spokeshave blades. M2 HSS has high abrasion resistance which means it will hold a sharp edge much longer than many other steels. This also means that it may take a little longer to bring up an edge. Don’t worry, you will be leaving your sharpening gear on the shelf for a lot longer too. MTC plane blades are also thicker than the average plane, this eliminates vibration is the cut, ensuring a smooth uniform finish.

    Owner’s manual

    MTC planes are delivered securely packaged in a foam lined cardboard box. Inside is a QR code you can scan to download your comprehensive Owner’s Manual. Visit the Melbourne Tool Company website for additional products, information downloads and video content.


    Here are the specifications for the MTC Spokeshave Blades. To learn more, click or download view the Owner’s Manual.

    Brand Melbourne Tool Company (MTC)
    Country of Origin Designed in Melbourne Australia, manufactured in China
    Warranty Limited Lifetime
    Blade Steel M2 HSS
    Plane blade dimensions 3.2 x 51 x 48mm


    $35.00 (inc GST)

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