M Power Fasttrack Mk2 Sharpening System Deluxe Kit

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    M Power Fasttrack Mk2 Sharpening System Deluxe Kit MP-20117

    The Big Boy - Everything’s Included

    1x FastTrack Mk2 Sharpening System
    1x Fitted Storage Case
    1x #100 Extra Coarse Diamond Stone
    1x #220 Preparation Diamond Stone
    1x #450 Finishing Diamond Stone
    1x #600 Fine Finishing Diamond Stone
    1x #1200 Super Fine Finishing Diamond Stone
    1x Fitted Mini Strop
    1x Fitted De-Burring Plate
    1x Plate Cleaning Eraser

    M Power launched the original FastTrack Mk1 15 years ago. With some great feedback along the way they have now perfected improvements now featured in the New FastTrack Sharpener Mk2. Remaining at the heart the ability to create a super sharp, flat ground, square edge chisel and plane blade in just a few minutes.

    It’s so simple, chisel in and sharpen… Plane blade in and sharpen. No set-up time, no complicated attachments, no experience needed! Place the mat and FastTrack system down on the bench and start sharpening.

    The FastTrack system is just ‘at home’ on-site as in the workshop. From the complete beginner to the most discerning of professional, the FastTrack Mk2 will deliver the perfect sharpening angle for an excellent edge again and again.

    How it works

    The FASTTRACK Precision Sharpening System is a unique solution that holds the blade to be sharpened stationary and its angle constant while a diamond stone is guided across the cutting edge (at a 90° angle to the tool’s normal cutting direction) at either 25°, 27.5°, 30° or 32.5°, depending on your application, making the bevel flat and the edge true, lasting, and requiring only minimal maintenance unless chipped or neglected.

    We’ve included Preparation and Finishing Diamond stones so you can start low to gain that super fine edge that makes a cutting tool a pleasure to use. The instructions provided will have you putting a razor edge on your chisels and plane irons within a few minutes of opening the package.

    4 Sharpening Angles

    The newly re-designed solid Aluminium diamond stone holding carriage doubles the number of sharpening angles than the original. This in turn doubles the life of your chisels and plane blades by allowing over 20 chisel re-sharpens between primary re-grinds. The angles are coded 1,2,3 and 4 making it simple to move from one sharpening angle to the next.

    Centre It Clip - Get the blade in the middle

    The most important development is the “Centre It” clip that re-locates a chisel in the middle of the tool bed. This reduces the pressure needed to hold the chisel during sharpening; but it also prevents the carriage coming off the end of the base. It increases the length of the sharpening stroke, making the sharpening process quicker.

    Ergonomic Carriage

    The new carriage is much more comfortable to use with curved ergonomic handle ends to more naturally fit the hand. Especially noticeable after an ALL chisel honing session when you could be using the FASTTRACK for a 30-minute set. 

    Grip Mat

    The NEW Mk2 also includes a non-slip mat that further increase stability when using the FASTTRACK.

    Other Features

    • Includes 5x angled diamond cross stones.
    • On-board real leather strop.
    • De-burr plate.
    • Tough storage case.
    • Quick change magnetic lock.
    • Glides on nylon slips.
    • Grounded on 4 non-slip feet.
    $279.90 (inc GST)

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