Linn Bathroom & Furniture Oil - Clear

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    Linn Bathroom & Furniture Oil - Clear

    A 3 coat application of the LINN Bathroom Furniture Oil will produce a glossy, water resistant surface. Suitable for use on solid timber furniture and makes an excellent finish for the bathroom.

    About Livos Australia

    Officially established in Germany in 1974 Livos offers a 100% ingredients declaration. Natural, non toxic paints and oils for internal and external use. These products have been successfully used throughout Australia since 1986. Health and safety is the number 1 priority. Livos Australia offers a natural, safe and eco friendly alternatives from conventional polyurethane, synthetic & chemical applications. Good for you; good for the environment.

    Full Declaration

    Linseed oil, stand oil - natural resin ester.
    Wood oil, castor oil - natural resin ester, isoaliphates, dehydrated amino sugar and drying agents free of lead (Co, Zr).


    Best determined by a test application!

    First Coat 1 litre = approximately 18m2 (56mL/m2)
    Second Coat 1 litre = approximately 63m2 (16mL/m2)
    Third Coat 1 litre = approximately 90m2 (11mL/m2)


    LINN Bathroom Furniture Oil - Safety Data Sheet
    LINN Bathroom Furniture Oil - Technical Data Sheet


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