Incra V27 Mitre Guide

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    The Incra V27 Mitre Gauge is the ultimate machine upgrade

    The Incra Miter V27 is engineered to provide a high performance, yet low cost upgrade for any machine with a 3/4in mitre track slot that’s in need of a better mitre guide. The V27 delivers extreme mitre cutting accuracy through the advanced combination of INCRA's exclusive AngleLOCK indexing system and its patented Adjustable GlideLOCK Mitre Bar.


    • INCRA's exclusive AngleLOCK indexing system
    • Adjustable GlideLOCK Mitre Bar
    • Four expansion points
    • Anti-friction travel design
    • Superior accuracy and stability

    How the V27 Guide works

    The AngleLOCK precision angle indexing teeth are laser cut in solid steel to lock in 27 of the most popular positive angle stops over a full +/- 90° range in 5° increments, including the popular 22 1/2° angle for eight-sided projects.

    Four expansion points adjust for ZERO side play, anti-friction travel on all tools with standard (or near standard) mitre guide channels. This means the bar WON'T wiggle around in the mitre slot – maintaining superior accuracy!

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