Incra LS WonderFence Upgrade

  • Incra LS WonderFence Upgrade LSWFUG

    INCRA Wonder Fence Upgrade for upgrading standard systems

    Upgrading to the Wonder fence allows an existing LS- or Ultra-based Incra router system to perform EVERY fence-guided operation that can be done on a router table. The Wonder Fence slides into the T-slot on front of the rip fence, allowing the infeed and outfeed fence halves to be adjusted independently to accommodate the largest router bits available. Hardware is also included for attaching wooden zero-clearance sub fences for producing cleaner shaping cuts and for closing in the area around the router bit. Since the fences are made from scrap wood, there's no need to periodically purchase plastic zero-clearance fence inserts.

    The Wonder Fence is also adjustable for offset between the infeed and outfeed halves. A pair of opposed wedges behind each fence half provides a true, continuous micro adjust for the relationship between the fence halves, and laser engraved offset scales are marked every 0.002" for an accurate reference. It's a huge improvement over stacking spacers behind the outfeed fence achieve a sort of offset.

    This precise offset ability combined with the speed of a router allows you to joint glass-smooth edges on rough cut timber if you don't own a jointer. 

    If you're using a reversible glue joint router bit before gluing up larger panels, the offset feature can let you bypass the table saw and jointer when prepping your workpiece. The offset allows the glue joint bit to straighten rough-edged boards and profile them in one pass, all with true zero-clearance if you choose. 

    $425.00 (inc GST)

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