Incra LS Joinery Standard Fence System

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    Incra LS Joinery Standard Fence System


    Incra Router Table Fence System: The Famous LS Positioners

    Available in 2 different sizes. Please select your size option from the drop-down menu.

    Please note: Router table top and mounting plate shown in photos are not included.

    Incra’s LS positioners are the world's most versatile and accurate movable fence for your router table. They are designed to meet the needs of the most serious woodworker, yet easy enough for even a beginner to use. They have a host of features and design details that sets thrm apart from anything else. LS stands for Lead Screw, and the patented technology makes this unit the leader in precision positioners for woodworking.

    The most accurate router table fence in the world

    The LS positioner's accuracy is +/- 0.05mm on the lead screw's 1.0mm increments across its entire range, so it's essentially perfect even without the built-in micro adjuster. The large micro-adjust knob turns the lead screw against the mating threads, allowing the fence to be shifted in 0.025mm steps to tweak the width of a groove or zero the fence against a router bit.

    USA Manufactured Router Table Fence

    All Incra products are manufactured in the USA to the highest engineering grade and only use top-quality materials so you can be sure to get dead-flat, long life components that aid in improving your accuracy in the workshop.

    Incra's LS Joinery System Features

    So what does this amazing precision give you? The LS Joinery System gives you one of the most versatile, unique, accurate and easy-to-use joinery systems. There are five channels on the top of the LS positioner where you can slide one of the included joinery reference templates to cut just about any dovetail and box joint that you can think of.

    So you can produce a massive range of box joints and standard dovetails, as well as other specialty joints you didn’t think were possible.

    Included in each LS Joinery System are all of the components you need except your router, router bits and mounting table to do everything you need. The included components are –

    • Incra LS carriage (430mm or 635mm capacity)
    • 710mm Pro-II Joinery Fence
    • 330mm Telescopic Extender Bar & Stop
    • ShopStop
    • Jumbo Right-Angle Fixture
    • Master Reference & Template Library
    • 82-minute Instructional DVD
    430mm Capacity
    $879.00 (inc GST)
    685mm Capacity
    $899.00 (inc GST)

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