Ikeuchi Kiridashi Japanese Marking Knife

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    Ikeuchi Kiridashi Japanese Marking Knife

    The Kiridashi Kogatana knife is a traditional all-purpose Japanese laminated knife used for marking, trimming, & shaping woodworking & bamboo. The top of the blade has a right hand bevel edge with the back side flat & hollow ground for easy re-sharpening.

    Kiridashi Kogatana marking knives are made by laminating a high carbon very hard steel (which will take an edge like no other steel) to a softer but tough steel backing. Available in three different widths - 9, 12, and 18mm, the latter being the most commonly used whilst the smaller sizes are for more delicate marking. They can be used as they are or with a wooden handle and sheath construction. All the knives are bevelled for right hand use. Due to the extreme hardness of the steel they should only be used for marking and not for carving. Supplied in a plastic protective wallet. Length 170mm.

    Mr. Ikeuchi master blacksmith along with his fellow blacksmiths hand forge, grind, & sharpen these knives. White high carbon steel laminated on top with a softer layer of steel allowing the blade to be hardened to Rockwell 64. With all steel as it becomes harder & tougher, it will be more brittle & can snap in half, the soft steel lamination arrests this possibility. These knives we carry from Mr. Ikeuchi are beveled ground on one side only & flat to edge on the underside yet hollow ground as a common practice to facilitate less time in re-honing to a sharp edge.

    • Made of Shirogami White 1.05-1.15% high carbon steel
    • Very pure steel hardened to 64HRC
    • Right hand bevel cutting edge
    • Traditional style


    9mm Wide
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    12mm Wide
    December Sale! $24.90 (inc GST)
    18mm Wide
    December Sale! $25.90 (inc GST)

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