iGaging Router Table & Planer Digital Readout Kit

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    iGaging Router Table & Planer Digital Readout Kit IG-35700-R-4

    Upgrade your router table to Extreme Accuracy with iGaging’s Router Table & Planer Digital Readout (DRO) Kit.

    Simple to install, easy to read and super-accurate, this DRO will take your wood machining to the next level. A must-have for all router table users who demand precision in every operation.

    The iGaging Router Table & Planer DRO Kit is the perfect addition to Sherwood router lifts and planers, delivering a higher degree of precision to your workshop and allowing your work to reach the next level.

    Easy Installation

    The readout can be easily installed using magnets, double face tape, or screws to almost any router lift or planer. Vertical and horizontal slider mounting hardware is included. The kit requires drilling two small taps in your lift using the drill bit & tap supplied or mounting with very high bond (VHB) tape.

    Extreme Accuracy

    Once installed, raising or lowering your router bit an exact amount is straightforward without eyeballing a ruler, counting revolutions, or grabbing your height gauge. You can observe actual bit height adjustments in real-time as made. The large, easy-to-read backlit DRO reads in inches, fractions, or millimeters and mounts easily to a ¼" T-track on the router tabletop or fence, or it can be mounted under the router tabletop and angled outward.


    •          Measuring Range: 0 - 4"/100 mm

    •          Resolution: 0.0005 inch / 0.01mm / 32nd inch

    •          Accuracy: 0.0015"

    •          ABS function 

    •          Powered by a long-lasting 3V CR2450 battery or by an 80" USB cable and AC adapter (both included)

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