iGaging OriginCal Digital Vernier Calipers

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    iGaging OriginCal Digital Vernier Calipers

    The best value for money Vernier Caliper worldwide!

    Available separately in your choice of 3 sizes. Please select your size from the drop-down menu.

    Want one of the best verniers you can get? Look no further than the OriginCal. Sure it has a lapped, smooth stainless bar and gauge heads, it's deadly accurate and has a clear Metric and Imperial (with decimal or fractional) display. 

    More importantly, it has these unique, outstanding features –

    • It knows Zero and therefore always has 100% hyper-accurate read-out
    • Unlimited measuring speed to instantly show the accurate read-out
    • Advanced encoding technology
    • Meets super-stringent DIN 862 standard
    • SPC/USB output port to work with CAD programs etc. NOTE: This requires an additional SPC-USB output cable (not included).
    • IP54 water, drop and dust resistant
    • Individually serialised and checked before leaving the factory
    • Accurate to 0.0254mm/0.001in over 200mm/8in range or 0.0381mm/0.0015in over 300mm/12in range
    • Repeatable to 0.0127mm/0.0005in
    • Reading accuracy to 0.0127mm/0.0005in
    • 3V CR2032 Battery, with two included in the kit

    What this all adds up to is a Vernier Caliper that sits in the same class as any engineering Vernier Caliper manufactured anywhere in the world. What sets this Caliper apart is that the 6in version is less than $100 and therefore less than half the price of any competitors. The ultimate bang for your buck.

    150mm | 6in Long
    $104.90 (inc GST)
    200mm | 8in Long
    $132.90 (inc GST)
    Out of Stock
    300mm | 12in Long
    $175.90 (inc GST)

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