Hand Mitre Trimmer

  • Hand Mitre Trimmer

    If you're picture framing a lot you need this mitre trimmer. It has SUPER sharp blades that are designed to shave 1-2mm from your mitred picture frames to leave you with a smooth, close-grained face that doesn't require any planing, sanding and has no tear-out - ready to join together for flush, invisible join lines. 

    Two blades allow you to set the fences for RH and LH cuts with integral stops at 45º and 90º and the ability to set the fence at any angle in between. 

    Please note, the Mitre Trimmer & Fence Combo doesn't contain the Hand Mitre Trimmer Top Trim Attachment - it's a nice add-on and the manual references it, but because it's an extra $50 and we wanted to keep the kit as cost effective as possible, it's available to purchase separately.

    Also available is a fence which can be used in conjunction with the trimmer. By setting a stop on the fence you can ensure that the mouldings are cut to a consistent length so when assembled it is a perfectly square (or parallel-sided) frame.

    Mitre Trimmer Only
    $429.00 (inc GST)
    Trimmer Fence
    $95.00 (inc GST)

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