Grabber Multi-Purpose Push Block

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    Grabber Multi-Purpose Push Block

    Milescraft's Grabber Multi-Purpose Push Block is non-marring and extremely durable

    We all know how necessary an accessory the humble push block is, but we can often get caught between wanting (and therefore paying) too much for a pushblock, because some of the standard crappy pushblocks on the market are too tedious to use. So what we do? Over invest on a push block, only to find we're not getting our money's worth. This is where the best value US woodworking company, Milescraft, come to the rescue.

    These top down push blocks normally have one weakness, they slip. Especially if they're non marring. But the texture on the base of this block is like none we've seen before and the hold is phenomenal!

    The Milescraft Grabber is specially designed to be multi-purpose and we've found it equally ideal for use on router tables, table saw, jointers and even band saws. Safety is very important and you always want to keep your hands as far away from the cutting tool as possible, but this push block offers a lot of features others don't, including a really easy gripping mechanism that won't mar your workpieces, no matter how delicate.

    Grabber Multi-Purpose Push Block Features

    • Provides superior control and maximum grip, while keeping your hands angled away from the cutting tool with a massive and comfortable handle grip for hands of all sizes big and small
    • Diamond Grip Rubber Bottom: Non-marring, TPR material that provides maximum strength to safely hold your work piece in place with a huge 203 x 83mm surface.
    • Provides maximum durability to safely control your work piece in all application
    • High visibility yellow makes it easy to find in busy shops

    What's so great about the Milescraft Grabber Push Block?

    We've experimented with a lot of these low-cost push blocks in our workshops, trying to find the best budget push block that you can use on any machine but still offers excellent grip and doesn't entice you to get your fingers too close to the blade, which a lot of the cheaper ones end up doing. After a few years and a dozen brands, we can safely say this is the best we've seen. The highlight is clearly the multi-function, it's just as useable on all machines due to it's compact size and really well designed handle.

    One Grabber
    $22.90 (inc GST)
    Two Pack
    $39.90 (inc GST)

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