FastCap 3rd Hand Rack

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    FastCap 3rd Hand Rack FC-03048

    Do you have a 3rd Hand? Do you need somewhere to store it besides propping it up by the back door? Then check out the 3rd Hand Rack from FastCap. The perfect storage device for your 3rd Hand.

    Like a Spider Monkeys tail, your 3rd Hand is super handy. Here’s the thing though, you don’t need your 3rd Hand all the time. You need somewhere convenient to store it. Somewhere besides the boot of the car or by the back door. Introducing the FastCap 3rd Hand Rack.

    Key features

    • Easy to mount, vertically and horizontally
    • Includes clips to store the 3rd Hand feet
    • Heavy-duty arms for secure safe holding

    Your 3rd Hand Rack

    Your 3rd Hand Rack is a mountable holder for any of FastCaps 3rd Hand systems. This rack helps you better organise and store your 3rd Hands and removable feet very conveniently. The heavy-duty arms ensure your 3rd Hand is securely and safely stored.

    Mount it anywhere

    You can mount your 3rd Hand Rack anywhere. Easily mounts to walls, ceilings, vehicle interiors and garage doors. Works with all the 3rd Hand Systems

    Who is FastCap

    FastCap produce a broad range of innovative, easy to use products for both the enthusiast and professional woodworker. FastCap take their inspiration for new products from their customers. If you have an idea or a better way of doing something, FastCap want to know about it.

    $13.90 (inc GST)

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