FastCap 2P-10 Thick Glue

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    FastCap 2P-10 Thick Glue

    FastCap 2P-10 Thick Glue

    FastCap 2P-10 Thick glue is designed to be thicker that your typical CA glue. This allows for it to be used with more porous materials where you don't want the glue to run through to easily. The thick variant of 2P-10 is the most popular of the series and is very much the work horse of the range. If you were going to buy only one of the 2P-10 glues, you can not go wrong with the thick glue. This adhesive glue can get into tight spots to create a virtually unbreakable bond between both sides. It can also be sanded so it is flush with the surface of the material, which makes it perfect for professionals. This is yet another innovative member of the FastCap 2P10 family.

    What is the 2P-10 system?

    2P-10 is a two-part ten-second adhesive. Just apply the adhesive, then spray the activator and stick it together for a strong, permanent bond. However this is more than just a 2 part adhesive. FastCap have gone a step further to design a full range of adhesives, applicators and colourants to meet all your rapid adhesive needs. So much more than other CA glues that think they're super.

    2P-10 can be used on any material as long as it is clean and the surface is well prepared. The surface should be clean, with no oil, and slightly etched so the glue can bite more effectively. It should not be used in lieu of a weld (on metal), but it is very effective for tacking, to hold a piece in place.

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    Variant 2P-10 Thick Glue
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    The glue has a shelf life of 2 years from the manufactured date, regardless of whether it has been opened or not. Every bottle has an expiration date printed on the side in a 6 digit format (MMDDYY).

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