DeerFos Sanding Belt 2260x150mm

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    DeerFos Sanding Belt 2260x150mm

    Sold Individually. Please select your desired grit from the drop-down menu.

    2260x150mm sanding belts are the most common size for large oscillating belt sanders - an example of the Sherwood is shown in the photo. While these belts will not suit all machines that look like this, we are not aware of any brand that will not accept this size belt.

    Quality is difficult to see when buying abrasives and all abrasives you see in our range have been selected so you can be sure you get the best results.

    It has an unparalleled performance on raw timber as well as sanding back finishes (excluding paint).

    Does not include machine.

    The Power of Deerfos Abrasives Stands Out

    Founded in 1963, Deerfos is a manufacturer of coated abrasive products. Deerfos quickly became a leader in the domestic coated abrasive in Korea. Deerfos’ coated abrasives are used in a wide range of applications including woodworking, metal fabrication, glass work and much more. The Deerfos R&D Center is continuously developing new coated abrasive items while also upgrading the existing products. These efforts have made the brand widely requested around the world.

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