Crown Mini Cabinet Scraper Set of 4

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    Crown Mini Cabinet Scraper Set of 4 C-376-M

    A unique set of scrapers - you can see by reference of a standard size pen these miniature cabinet scrapers are tiny and will work perfectly in extremely fine detail work. Measuring 0.3mm thick, there are three shapes that measure approximately - 

    Square - 45 x 25mm

    Oval - 45 x 30mm

    Curved - 50 x 29mm (at its widest point)

    Gooseneck - 46 x 30mm

    Milled and ready to have a final hook put on it (the Veritas Mini Carbide Burnisher is recommended) before use this set will come in handy if you are a regular user of cabinet scrapers. 

    $39.90 (inc GST)

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