Crown Bowl Gouges - M2 Cryogenic Steel

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    Crown Bowl Gouges - M2 Cryogenic Steel

    Bowl gouges are used for turning along the grain and also for turning on end grain. This is exemplified by the relatively straight profile of the tip of the gouge so that it scrapes rather than peels the timber off, to provide a smoother finish on end grain. The flute is deeper on bowl gouges so that the cutting edge is supported and large quantities of waste can be removed easily.

    They have a longer length of blade and handle usually so that greater leverage and a deeper depth of cut can be achieved easily and safely. The edge is often ground at a 55 - 60 degree angle so that it can turn on end grain with minimal dig-in.

    Recognised as being amongst the best available worldwide, Crown bowl gouges have the edge and balance needed for the finest or the biggest projects. 

    Blade length = 260mm
    Handle length = 350mm

    About Crown Cryogenic Steel

    The Crown Cryogenic range are high quality turning tools with a difference. Using cryogenically treated tools means that now you can turn more and sharpen less often. The tools are made from M2 Steel that are heat treated normally then taken down to temperatures as low as -185°C which changes the molecular structure of the steel.

    The two main crystals in tooling steel are the larger and softer austenite and the smaller, more stable martensite.  Normal heat treatment seeks to transform the austenite to martensite to produce steel with good wear characteristics and an amount of ductile properties.

    The cryogenic process greatly enhances and accelerates the austenic transformation.  Another benefit is that at these extreme temperatures, fine ‘eta’ carbides are formed within the carbon structure.  Growing very slowly and only at these very low temperatures, ‘eta’ carbides are extremely small and act as a ‘filler’ between the other crystals in the metal.

    The combined effect of heat treatment and cryogenic processing is to produce a refined crystal structure in your hand tool that will give a lifetime’s service by producing a blade that will retain its edge longer and give a superior ‘feel’ in use.

    All Crown Cryogenic Turning Tools are finished with beautiful black Ash handles.

    6mm Handled
    $124.90 (inc GST)
    10mm Short Handled
    $134.90 (inc GST)
    10mm Handled
    $149.90 (inc GST)
    13mm Handled
    $184.90 (inc GST)

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