Blade Setting Jig

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    Blade Setting Jig BSJ-01

    Sherwood's Jointer Blade Setting Jig uses strong rare earth magnets for exceptional accuracy

    We love this simple but very effective tool for setting jointer knives. Six rare-earth magnets are mounted in the twin arms which hold extremely well. Simply put your planer knives in the cutterhead, place the jig on the outfeed table and engage two of the magnets with the planer knives and tighten. Rotate the cutterhead and repeat. 

    We were tired to over-priced blade setting jigs that promised a lot but ended up fiddly, tedious ways of setting jointer jigs that often sacrificed accuracy through poor magnets. Sherwood's blade setting jig is simply easy to use and high-quality materials mean it's incredibly durable as well. We're very impressed with the overall quality, which we believe is unsurpassed at this price point.

    Jointer Knives Setting Jig Features

    • Exceptional quality rare earth magnets for vastly superior accuracy to other models
    • Long arms for easy positioning, simple operation and durability in tough workshop conditions
    • Works from the outfeed table to allow greater control over the blades
    • Easy, durable tightening mechanism

    What do we love about this Jointer Blade Setting Jig?

    In a word, simplicity. The strength of the magnets in such a durable, simple design means that you can simultaneously hold the blade securely - even in tough workshop conditions - and set the height on each blade time after time, with a level of repeatability that makes what can otherwise be a time-stressed hassle of a job into one of the easiest parts of using your jointer.

    $55.00 (inc GST)

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